Exodus Alpha – Infos & Bugs (en)

Global content for the Alpha :


-Menu / Options

-2 playable characters (Zoulux et Ly’Sax)

-3 saving slots

-The real beginning of the game (without introduction for the moment)

-About 110 screens to discover

-6 monsters and 1 Boss

-1 hidden NPC > He can teach you an usefull upgrade for the basic attack (allowing you to destroy some big rocks blocking lot of secret paths)

-7 skills with their respective upgrades

-Fully functionnal System Menu

-Metroid like Mini Map

-9 Avent Pages to discover

-Sfx and Musics by Yann Van Der Cruyssen aka Morusque (7 tracks in this Alpha)


Infos :


-Menus are not definitive.

-Some animations are lacking on characters and monsters.

-A non-definitive tutorial is available. You will be spammed by textboxes at the beginning of the game ^^



Minimum Configuration ( estimation ) :

Dual Core at least. RAM 2Go min. depending on your OS.

Graphics  : To be determined. supposed not too bad.



Known bugs:


-Known issues with PC using ATI graphic cards ( see here )

-The game may crash under specific conditions (by stressing map streaming system)

-Some screens may take a time to load ( depending on configuration ).

-It is possible that the screens’ loading fail. If the screen is black and if you cannot get back from where you came, you will have to quit and launch the game again. If you can, try to get a few screens back and try again.

-If the game lags, it may be unplayable.

-Rarely, Some physic elements may go through collisions ( especially when lagging )


To report a bug : via mail ( galhmac[at]gmail.com ) or via comments on this article.


- Specify the tested configuration ( Ideally, send us a diagnostic file via dxdiag ( Start > Execute > dxdiag then « save all informations » ))

- Describe the problem

- If you find how to reproduce it systematically, please describe the steps to follow.


Thanks a lot to everyone who will send us bugs reports, this will help us to stabilize the final version on as much configurations as possible.


edit :

If the program returns an error about a missing dll « msvc90.dll », or something like that, you have to install the visual studio 2008 resdistribuable package corresponding to your operating system : 32 bits (x86) or 64 bits (x64).

A google search like « vc2008 redist x86″ or « vc2008 redist x64″ will return you a link to download the required package from microsoft’s website.

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