Exodus – Alpha is available !

Hello everyone !

Exodus’ Alpha version is available !
( Read the full article if you have an ATI graphic card )

Exodus Alpha (3681) [~1 Go] Windows XP/Vista/7

Attention : This is an Alpha version.

Its goal is, besides offering players the opportunity to try the game, is to try it on as much configurations as possible. This will permit us to define a minimum configuration for the game, and to detect potential bugs on specific configs, with the objective of fixing them, with the aim of removing these issues in the final version.The game and its engine is still in development, so it is possible that the game crashes or that other troublesome bugs appears. See the know bugs list below.


Feel free to give us feedbacks about the game and its gameplay, and/or if you feel like an Alpha Tester, you can send us any bug of insufficient configuration.


Attention !!!!

ATI Graphic cards ( driver dll problem )

There is a known bug with ATI cards that prevent the game from launching. There is a temporary fix that allows to launch the game and play it. However, it is possible that this fix leads to game’s instability ( lags and crashes ).


exodus alpha ATI fix (2534)


Some general suggestions :

-Save when you can, just in case.

-If the game lags, you won’t be able to play it. You can try to disable HD mode to improve performances.

-If you get black screens

-If you can get back from where you came, try to wait a little to let the map’s streaming system load it.

-If you can’t get back, you will have to quit and launch the game again. Sorry about that.

-We made all we can for this version, but the game may crash.


If you want to see the content listing, known bugs, or if you wish to report bugs or low configs, please follow this link.


Have fun !

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