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Short news to announce exodus’ website lauching. Follow this link

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The Big Feed : Démo v0.5b

We have realised a little game using our 2D engine ( named CreaM ), appropriately named The Big Feed.

The Big Feed 0.5b : First update with music integration and bugs’ corrections : Thebigfeed V0.5b (1407)

This is a drag’n’drop game where you have to feed Big monsters with little ones ( Law of nature . . . → Read More: The Big Feed : Démo v0.5b

Hybrid : Démo v0.1a

Hybrid is a MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game ), a multiplayer game where you have to face and strike down your opponents using weapons and objects. Rounds takes place in dynamics, closed arenas, which can have variable sizes.

You control a caracter from two differents humanoids peoples : Kutjaras ( half lizards ) . . . → Read More: Hybrid : Démo v0.1a