Hybrid : Démo v0.1a

Hybrid is a MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game ), a multiplayer game where you have to face and strike down your opponents using weapons and objects. Rounds takes place in dynamics, closed arenas, which can have variable sizes.

You control a caracter from two differents humanoids peoples : Kutjaras ( half lizards ) and Nioruns ( Half tigers ). Each people has a specific skill relative to his physical abilities. Kutjaras have the ability to protect themselves which nullify all domages during a short amount of time, While Nioruns can perform a sprint during a few seconds.

The game have been developped in C++ using Ogre3D engine.

We have released a demo containing solo’s main features, such as playable rounds against AI with some maps.As multiplayer, campaign and editor are still in development, we have disabled corresponding buttons in the game’s menus. As suggested by some players, we have included a radar.

Download : Hybrid 0.1a (4947)

You can give us feedback, or report a bug via comments.

See you soon !

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